We're Green.


We take the time to live and work 'green.'

At LIVE Urban, we've made a deliberate decision to work as green as possible. We're aware that traditional business practice can use a lot of resources, especially paper and energy. We've taken conscious steps to reduce our impact on the environment. Can we do better? Sure. But we're doing what we can. Are you?

We Get 100% Of Our Electricity from Windsource.

energycertifiedlogo1_120More and more businesses are making the change to clean energy. Windsource from Xcel Energy gives us the opportunity to help our company meet environmental goals and position our company as an environmental leader all while supporting local, rural communities and future development of renewable energy sources. Learn what you can do at ResponsibleByNature.com.

We use paperless E-contracts.

We use CTM E-Contacts for all our real estate transactions. These electronic contracts allow us to quickly generate, present and distribute all the required documents without the need for printing out paper. You can even sign your transaction documents electronically from home. It means we're nearly a paperless office. We also store all our final contract documents in an electronic vault that's completely safe and secure. CTM's technology, unique concept and features such as “Interactive” allows us to interact simultaneously with participants in the transaction by completing documents online.

We recycle. A lot.

When we do use paper, we make every effort to recycle all our waste.

Specialty Green Designations.

nargreenlogo_200LIVE Urban Real Estate is proud to have many broker's on our team who have earned NAR's Green Designation. Ask if your agent is 'Green!' Designed for residential, commercial and property management professionals looking to green their businesses and their lives, the Green designation means these agents have gained:

  • A comprehensive understanding of what it means to go green and the concerns of consumers seeking green knowledge about real estate
  • Valuable real estate education that broadens your abilities in the eyes your clients, prospective clients and associates
  • Enhanced ability to participate in the green real estate market
  • Ongoing specialized training and resources that help you stay on top of green real estate issues and trends
  • Access to customizable members-only marketing tools to help you build your business and gain a competitive edge.


In addition, many of our brokers have also earned the EcoBroker designation. Find out more by visiting EcoBroker.com. EcoBroker's help clients market properties with green features, save money and live comfortably, through energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmentally-sensitive choices. Tap into their expertise. 


Live Green. Live Urban.


Did you know that cities are more energy-efficient than suburbs or rural communities? People who live in urban neighborhoods use their cars less, mow smaller yards, and walk, bike and use mass transit more frequently. It makes sense, doesn't it. Vibrant, livable urban communities that support walking, biking and mass transit, and that reduce reliance on cars, are part of Denver’s master plan for the future. Check out Denver's plan called GreenPrint Denver.


The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News also have a great website dedicated to going green in Colorado. Check out GreenInColorado.com to find out how to be green at home, at work, using public transporation, when recycling, when shopping, and more.


Thinking about a Built Green home? Introduced in 1995, Built Green Colorado is one of oldest and largest green home building programs in the nation. A voluntary industry-driven program of the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver offered to builders across the state, the purpose of Built Green Colorado is to encourage home builders to use technologies, products and practices that result in homes that are better built and better for the environment.


Green Living Tips is a great blog that helps you learn about living a more planet friendly lifestyle. It includes earth friendly tips, news shared by others, and welcomes contributions. You can sign up for a e-newsletter with green advice, guides and environmental news.


Campaign Earth offers simple solutions to today's most pressing environmental issue, climate change. Knowing a busy lifestyle is as American as apple pie, we've created straight forward actions that enable us all to make a difference, one step at a time. You can join their monthly challenge program or support renewable energy, and see just how easy getting involved can be.


Living green means knowing, acting, and sharing. To make responsible choices, you have to know about your impact. Then you can start making positive changes in your lifestyle. At Conservation International, you can start to see the benefits of your decisions, share your stories with your friends and family. Learn the simple steps you can take, determine your own personal carbon footprint with their carbon calculator, and measure your eco-footprint.

Now in its 10th year, the Water – Use It Wisely conservation campaign makes smart water-use fun, easy and practical for everyone. This campaign is all about giving voice to water – your voice. No matter where you need to get the water word out, they've developed a variety of ways to use WUIW as a tool to help spread your own unique water conservation message.






Top Ten "Eco-Friendly" Websites

You know where to shop locally and find information for your green needs, but what about doing some of your shopping and research online, too? Here are our top 10 eco-friendly Web sites (thanks to the Dallas Morning News!).

www.greenpeople.org – Directory of eco-friendly and holistic health products includes organic food, pet supplies, natural childbirth, beauty, green homes, holistic health and recycled items. Search by location to find a nearby store.

www.greenguidenetwork.com – Resource guide lists local and national green businesses, environmental events, green jobs and eco-services. Has 12 cities, including Dallas. Ranges from green restaurants to spas, salons and architects.

www.locallygrownclothing.com – The "locavore" movement is growing as more people turn to their local farmers for sustainable options. This site offers organic apparel made in the U.S. Each sale supports nonprofit organizations helping family farms. Also lists resources to support sustainable agriculture and family farms.

www.terracycle.net – Join a recycling program and see results. You can recycle everything from drink pouches to empty beauty product containers and get 2 cents for every item recycled. The site also outlines what each recycled item is made into. Once items are converted, they are sold at www.shop onlygreen.com.

www.organicbug.com – Offers quality, contemporary, eco-friendly, fair-trade and health-oriented merchandise. Site is divided into sections, including shopping by collections (fair trade, made in the U.S., recycled or handmade) and shopping by department with areas such as accessories, garden, children and leisure.

www.buygreen.com – Site offers personal and work-related items and even building materials. Approved by Co-Op America, and 1 percent of sales goes back to environmental causes through One Percent for the Planet.

www.earth911.com – Offers green tips through April for Earth Day. Has excellent "In the News" section as well as information about recycling and a monthly eco-friendly newsletter with fun features.

www.earthshare.org – Founded by its member charities in 1988 to connect people to environmental nonprofits through workplace giving, volunteer opportunities and environmental education.

www.solio.com – Find out how you can help save the environment through the use of solar chargers. The products featured at the site are sold locally; you have to decide if you want a keychain-size solar charger for one of your portable devices or a wall charger to use while traveling or at home.

www.litter-robot.com – Automated Pet Care Products Inc. claims the only automated, self-cleaning litter box product made in the U.S. Encourages pet owners to go green with their cats for Earth Day by using eco-friendly, biodegradable pet products.

It's Easy to be Green.