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Recently my listing at 642 Corona Street was featured in the New York Times, What You Get For Your Money piece. I was thrilled to be featured in this article for many reasons. A little national exposure for a very nice listing along with some personal exposure was great. What I didn’t expect was a reply I got from my website. 

Real estate is so often about the sale. How fast you can sell the property, making both parties happy, what improvements have been made, and increasing the sales in the neighborhood. But when you actually get a reply like the one below I realized the real, and often secondary motivation, is what each neighborhood and house means to the people who’ve lived there.  

Hello Denver people. I was browsing through the New York Times

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I’ve always been one to enjoy a good workout, but the variety Adam Harris Fitness offers is truly unique.

Slightly hidden in a pretty industrial part of Chaffee Park, this is the new urban workout experience.  The raw space offers plenty of variety from the wall of pull up bars to the ropes and rings hanging from the ceiling.

Of course there are the cross fits, bootcamps, national gyms and things of that nature, but this is just a little different. You probably haven’t tried anything like this and it’s worth checking out.

Adam Harris is a personal trainer who knows how to push you to your limits while still respecting your boundaries. Adam offers personal training, group classes, strength and conditioning classes and a predictably intense

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