About Casey Shea

As a second generation real estate professional and a Colorado native, Casey has been actively involved in the business of helping people with their real estate needs since the age of 16. His decision to attend the Art Institute with a focus on interior design created a unique skill set mixing the business expertise of successful real estate transactions with attention to aesthetics. His vast knowledge and detail oriented nature make working with him both beneficial and enjoyable. Although Casey was born and raised in Arvada, his heart has always sought out a more urban lifestyle. Being a homeowner in the Capitol Hill area, Casey enjoys all that “city life” has to offer: museums, night life and dining.

In that Casey could be considered a “foodie”, friends, family and clients regularly seek out his recommendations for fun activities, the best places to eat and what’s “hot” on the Denver scene.

Casey’s constant companion is his dog Chloe, the apple of his eye. Casey pursues an active lifestyle attending a boot camp fitness program daily and participating in marathons.

What Clients Are Saying About Casey...

"Throughout the entire process, I always felt like I was the most important client. Casey was always working around my schedule and showing me homes that I was interested in."
- Denise Teele

"Absolutely pleased! I've already been referring Casey to friends."
- Kyle Ponder

"Casey far exceeded our expectations and was considerably better than any real estate agent we have ever worked with in the past, and we have worked with quite a few. He was always very prompt to answer our questions and was highly knowledgeable about anything we asked him. We were very satisfied with the marketing approach of the Live Urban team as well. He came highly recommended by a friend of ours. He sent us daily emails regarding the status of our property, he was continuously trying to market our property, he held multiple open houses and was always willing to fit us in for showings whenever we needed."
- Jessica and Kyle Beck

"Casey was very attentive to all of our needs,he provided us with a good number of listings that meet our needs. He was very professional and his knowledge of the area of the prospective property was excellent. The task of finding the right property was a hard one to be sure, but Casey made the experience worth it in the end."
- John Wilson and Laura Wilson

"He had the highest rating of the agents listed on the Zillow website. Casey was wonderful from the first call to the closing--he worked around our vacation schedules and responded to all communication within minutes. We are inexperienced in the real estate world, having lived in the same house for 25+ years and Casey brought us up to speed and made us aware of all of our options. It was a real pleasure to work with him."
- Karen Fernandez

"I think Casey is awesome!! I have and will continue to recommend him to any/everyone I come across who mentions needing a Realtor. He truly went above and beyond his call of duty. He answered every question we had, worked with our bank (which was difficult at best), and treated us as if we were the only clients he had. He always had time for whatever we needed. LIVE will always be my recommended company."
- Amanda Miller

"My girlfriend recommended Casey to me. He was a pleasure to work with, and was very attentive and communicative. Without Casey, I don't know that this experience would have been as painless as it was. This was my first home and working LIVE Urban was nothing like the house buying nightmares I've heard. Casey made the entire transaction completely stress free!"
- Ricardo Cozzolino

"Casey answered my interest in a property on Zillow. Working with him was like running in a marathon and winning, but never actually having to race. His superb knowledge of real estate was nothing less than amazing. He was kind, genuine, courteous, informative, even with bad news, expedient, polite, fierce and awesome at negotiating. We had what would have been to another agent a deal that never would have closed if it was not him. I just sat in my boat and went for the ride while he took care of all the danger insight."
- Stacy Gurule

"Casey did a great job for me. I was really impressed with his knowledge of real estate. And he was on top of everything that had to be done for this deal to close. Casey met all my needs as a client, and he made my buying process very easy and pleasant. His knowledge of real estate was outstanding."
- Mark Pena

“Casey was amazing, always there whenever we flew into Denver to show us properties. So friendly!”
- Steve & Tracy Nelson

“Casey helped me buy a house in Park Hill. It was a million + dollar deal. His experience and attention to detail helped ensure a great experience for me. I will definitely call Casey when it comes time to sell!”
- John Mooney

“Casey was meticulous, detailed, friendly, knowledgeable, hard working, and realistic. He was professional, but felt like a friend who placed my wants and concerns first. I really appreciated his honesty and his delivery. He always gave me the truth, negative or positive, but his demeanor was always calm and pleasant. I really can't say enough positive things about using Casey Shea as a realtor. If you want a stress free, pleasant real estate transaction, I would highly recommend Casey. I would use him again in a heartbeat.”
- Caryn Wood

“Casey Shea has great knowledge of the Denver area with regard to real estate. He is thorough, sincerely cares and fights for his client, and is honest. Casey is a hard worker, and makes every effort to simplify his client's selling/purchasing process.”
- Jessica Spreit

Q&A With Casey…

Where do you LIVE?
I live in a high-rise in Capitol Hill. Coming from a suburb I love the city life. I get to walk my dog down beautiful streets, get to run around fantastic parks, and have access to some of the best restaurants in the city. Living in an urban environment adds spice to life. I love the architecture and diversity that you get with living in the city.

Why Real Estate... Aren't There Enough Agents On The Planet Already?
It’s tremendously rewarding. My passion is helping people and being around the business since I was a kid, gives me the substantive knowledge I need to help people get where they want to go and make the experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

What Music Is Currently In Your iPod?
I like everything; classic country (Loretta Lynn and George Straight), electronic (Tiesto and Stepahnie Pompougac), alternative (Magnet & Gemma Hayes and Joe Strummer), Celia Cruz, Whitney Houston the list goes on and on. My friends make fun of me because some of my music comes from commercials. What can I say, I really like the Geico song!

What Cause Gets Your Time And Money?
I’ve always had an intense interest and aptitude for technology. I’m usually the one with the newest phone and gadget (I had a cell phone when I was 10). Technology serves every demographic and one of my philanthropic activities is teaching a class called T4T at a nonprofit helping staff master technology to maximize their efforts to serve parts of the community that really need assistance. It’s very satisfying to provide people with skills that make their lives easier.

Give It Up. What Local Restaurant Is Your Best Kept Secret?
My passion is great food. I love going to a restaurant that serves something that you’ve never heard of before. Denver is a great place to experience some truly amazing culinary delights. Some of my favorites are Delux/Delite, Beatrice and Woodsley, Osterio Marco, LoHi Steak Bar, Sushi Sasa, Mizuna, Little Ollie’s, Bistro Vendome, and many others.